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At the University of Missouri, fraternity recruitment happens in one of two ways: formally, or informally.

Formal Recruitment takes place each fall, and allows students seeking fraternity involvement to explore all of the chapters at Mizzou. Formal recruitment is hosted by the University of Missouri Interfraternity Council (IFC). Learn more about Formal Recruitment...

Informal Recruitment takes place year-round. Students reach out to chapters on their own accord to learn more about their individual recruitment processes. Alternatively, students can sign up for informal recruitment through IFC, and their information will be passed along to fraternities so they can get in touch. Learn more about Informal Recruitment...

For any questions about recruitment or Pi Kappa Phi, please feel free to reach out to our Vice President and/or Recruitment Chair. They will be happy to answer your questions.


Vice President

Luke Meadows


Recruitment Chair

Nick Wimp


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